Say goodbye to Dead Tokens
Say hello to burn!

$Burn token

As the primary currency for all transactions within the ecosystem, the native token $BURN plays a crucial role.

This helps to ensure that there is a sufficient supply of BURN tokens to support the growth and development of the crypto ecosystem, and also helps to ensure the stability and growth of the BURN token. The token plays a major role in:

  • Fuelling Projects
  • Rewards

the swap

The BURN protocol creates new $BURN tokens via the token swap process. In each swap, 2 $BURN tokens are created, with one going to the user and the other one going into the BURN pools.

The Fuel Initiative

The FUEL initiative aims to provide seed funding to promising blockchain and web 3 projects in their early stages/launch. It enables an average person to get indirect access to early/pre-ICOs or other private opportunities that aren’t open to the general public. The DAO selects projects for funding, ensuring a more inclusive and accessible approach to funding.

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